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Success Story

This section is where you outline various white papers and/or success stories where specific customers have used your products or services to solve a particular problem. Depending on the content of the story, it may or may not make sense to provide it all on the mobile site. If it doesn't, you might consider providing a form where the user can request the complete item be sent to their PC by e-mail, as in the next story. more»

White Paper

Here's a white paper about one customer's use of your product. Because the white paper is a large PDF containing detailed graphics and tables, it's better that the reader asks you to send them the complete paper as a PDF. The following link is to a form that allows them to enter their e-mail address so that the PDF can be e-mailed to it. more»

Another Success Story

Another abstract for a story that we present on the mobile site. As in the first case, the link will lead to the full story. As with the news and product pages, the full description may need to be paginated. more»

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